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Why Choose e-Commerce With Digita?

If you are a company who sell products and services online, you will likely utilise an e-Commerce system. Businesses use these platforms to provide their audience with a simple and effective way to shop online.

At Digita, we are experts in the design and creation of bespoke e-Commerce websites that help you make a mark on potential customers. We understand that by creating a luxurious shopping experience for the user, you are more likely to make sales and increase profits.

An e-Commerce Website Your Way

The beauty of having an e-Commerce website is that you can market, sell, and distribute your products and services to people around the world. This is where your local company can break new ground with a tailor-made site that turns heads in Belfast and beyond.

With the Digita team on your side, you can craft a bespoke e-Commerce shopping experience from the ground up. We work to ensure your passion comes across in every page of the site, meaning you get the e-Commerce website you've always wanted.

Why not have an e-Commerce website your way? Enquire with Digita today.

e-Commerce and shop websites to develop your on-line sales - powered by Wite Canvas

Craft A Unique e-Commerce Experience

It can be challenging for online stores to make their mark online. When shoppers go to the website, they want to be able to browse, access, and purchase with the least amount of hassle.

When you purchase a Digita e-Commerce website, you can transform your online store into a unique, customer-focused e-Commerce experience. This makes their visit memorable, leading to returning customers who share the experience with friends.

The Digita online shopping experience is made more fluid and accessible with our Wite Canvas system. This unique system, powered by Truska, can streamline the all-round shopping experience, helping you convert visits into profits.

Call the Digita team and craft unique e-Commerce experience.

Wite Canvas e-Commerce Solutions

Wite Canvas is a web development and e-commerce solution for business. Where other platforms have limitations when selling products and services, Wite Canvas is the e-commerce platform with no boundaries.

It is what it says on the tin - a white canvas upon which we can build your new e-commerce website. Whether your company chooses to start with the blank 'white canvas' or a premade template, we offer many options to ensure you get the online presence you've always wanted.

At Digita, we believe in providing bespoke e-commerce websites for our clients. With Wite Canvas, we can meet your needs like never before with a platform that can deliver for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Obscure marketing requirements, complex carriage scenarios, technical product specifications and searches are all accessible on our bespoke platform. With an accessible, user-friendly back end and comprehensive reporting solutions, e-commerce can be made simple with Wite Canvas.

Our expert team can provide a full e-Commerce website design, including copyright, images, and video integration. We are by your side right through the website build, uploading of products, and integration with your chosen payment method.

Upon completing the design process, Digita Agency also offers full website hosting and backend support services to ensure we're there when you need us. We can also provide comprehensive training for any staff responsible for updating or managing your new website.

Choose an e-commerce platform without boundaries. Choose Wite Canvas: your vision realised.