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David Cunningham

Technical Digital Director

David has many years of experience in website design and technical world as well as business experience.

This mix of life experiences ensures that he not only understands the business needs but can find and deliver the right technology for his clients. both with digita and Truska.

He has been working on web sites since 1997 and e-Commerce sites since 1999 and his programming and technical writing experience dates back to the 1980s.

In the business world he managed a printing company in Belfast, for 15 years, employing over 30 people, before setting up his current business which has now evolved into digita.agency.

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Adrian Power

Executive Creative Director

Adrian has a wealth of advertising experience - working in London, Dublin and now Belfast - helping clients to realise their marketing goals.

From developing their brand, creating exciting campaigns and putting our clients ahead of their competition with award winning campaigns. Through Power Advertising and digita.agency Adrian had helped brands make their mark across the island of Ireland and beyond.

Adrian can actualise your products' digital and marketing marketing fingerprint to help you stand out from the crowd. He is always available for consultative advice on any aspect of your digital challenges.

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Scott Gilmore

SEO/Social Media/Copywriter | Associate

Scott is an SEO Specialist with years of experience writing content for websites and blogs that has a focus on search engine optimisation.

Scott has a BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing from Queen's University in Belfast. He is also a published author, and freelance copywriter, with multiple fiction novels to his name at SG Fiction.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes require content to be created that has cultivated to increase search engine optimisation. With a bespoke package put together by our SEO and social media specialist, Scott, you can rest assured that your company's digital needs are on the right track.

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