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Irish Whiskey Auctions

When Irish Whiskey Auctions approached the team at Digita Agency to design and develop an auction site, we jumped at the chance. Being an e-commerce business with a difference, we relished the challenge of bringing the project to life.

Initially built on a WordPress platform, we are upgrading the site to work under our bespoke Wite Canvas management system. With additional performance benefits and new user-friendly features, Digita is giving the website a fresh new dimension.

The site has to support significant traffic, especially at the close of an auction. With Google Analytics reporting over 5000 simultaneous users on the website at a time, taking part in live bidding, the auctions are incredibly time-sensitive. 

As the user demand is so high, the technology behind the site is significant and has to be reliable. Therefore, our expert and dedicated server team deliver this performance by careful analyses of performance and continuous monitoring during the busy auction times.

If you run an e-commerce business that could benefit from the industry-leading performance, get the Digita team on your side.



Flowers by Reids

Flowers by Reid's are a Belfast florist who specialises in composing beautiful hand-crafted bouquets and floral arrangements. Industry leaders in catering for special events, dedicated to composing bespoke flowers for all types of events and occasions they always go the extra mile for their clients.

Reid's had several disparate websites of varying quality and style and wanted to streamline their digital brand. Also they wanted a full e-commerce website, easy to use for the consumer and easy to control.

The first bite is with the eye' and this is particularly true when buying flowers and bouquets. So Digita embarked on producing a beautiful, eye-catching new website for Flowers by Reids.

We streamlined their navigation and made sure any sites that they were on pointed to their main corporate website. We also streamlined their navigation within their corporate website to make purchasing easier.

With our wealth of experience in e-commerce we produced and easy to use e-commerce back office system which helped Reid's to increase their sales of bouquets overnight

Also we created a new content management system that all members of the digital staff could use easily without degrading the quality of the website.


Case Study


DNES Sanatisers

DNES Sanitisers is a local provider of hand sanitisation and hygiene products, designed and developed by Islandmagee-based senior designer, David Neill. David, the owner of DNES Sanitisers, realised the vital need for businesses to ensure they keep premises to the highest hygiene standards. Therefore, he set about designing the DD2500 and DD2000 hand sanitiser units to meet local companies' needs.

Digita were commissioned to design a web site that would make their hand sanitiser units stand out from the rest. Its quality build and durability were key factors, the site also had to to be fully eCommerce and sell the units, and the Sanatiser Gel, to business throughout the UK and Ireland

Digit produced the design and built the site in record time using the wITeCanva Platform.




FETCH IRELAND matchmake Brands with Influencers for the digital world. Their requirement was for a clean site that simply explained the service of their new App and allowed Influences to sign up and brands to purchase "drops".

The brief was very clear and the timescales were very short as the App was nearly ready for launch. digita.agency, having won the tender, set about meeting brief in the required timescales using our own wITeCanvas platform. Again we achieved this and the site went live with the App as planned.



Wite Canvas

Digita Agency is the sole agent for Wite Canvas - our all-in-one website for any e-commerce business.

Wite Canvas offers full web design and feature customisation for all marketing and e-Commerce web sites. Where other e-commerce platforms can have their limitations, Wite Canvas is the clean slate that your company has been looking for.

Powered by Truska, this custom platform features all of the core selling tools required for any successful e-commerce business today. With the ability to easily integrate additional functions and features to meet your business' plans, you can realise your vision like never before.

Whether the focus of your e-commerce business is giftware, nursery care, or tech sales, Digita Agency can provide you with an e-commerce platform that meets all your needs and excels on every level.
Contact us to experience Wite Canvas for yourself and have your vision become a reality.

Wite Canvas: Your Vision Realised


Feedwell Dog Foods

Digita developed the corporate Feedwell site a few years ahead of the online shop. However, our client approached us to help adapt their website in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The e-commerce business features both UK (GBP) and Irish EURO) versions of the website, operating independently. Developed using the SellerDeck platform, the Feedwell team manage the entire site in-house.

Links are embedded within the corporate site using cookie technology to facilitate users to get from the corporate website to the appropriate hop site in a hassle-free manner. Once there, the customer can access the details and pricing of products and purchase very quickly.

To develop your e-commerce business' website into one that offers a seamless transition for all visitors, give Digita a call.




MicroAid is an e-commerce business site with over 50,000 products available at any one time. Therefore, the slick management of the product inventory is paramount.

Built on the SellerDeck platform, MicroAid has been continuously running since the mid-90s. All of MicroAid's products are managed externally, with database updates to include available stock as well as pricing and product changes. Changes to the inventory re regularly deploy to ensure customers have the latest products, availability and pricing available at all times.

The challenge presented by the MicroAid website was to make the supplied data work on the site. As the data is not available in a web-friendly format, the Digita team had to work to make significant customisation to the SellerDeck platform to make it work and perform to the client's needs.

At Digita Agency, we work to endure all of our e-commerce business clients get the website they require. Call us to see how we can bring your online store into the spotlight.