Digita today

The Little Meat Company

Pulled Pork has become the way to eat seasoned meats and The Little Meat Company was a start up business tapping into the Hipster market. The main logo and sub brand logos were designed with this market in mind giving the brand a trendy, smart and hipster feel for this very image conscious market.



Sentry is an award winning product by The Lava Group (Belfast) that electronically monitors the presence of a lifebuoy and throw rope within a lifebuoy enclosure. An alarm is triggered when a lifebuoy is removed from the enclosure. Thus helping reduce loss of life due to a stolen/absent lifebuoy. Digita designed this clever logo to give a feeling of a modern day army Sentry watching continuously and the eye visor making the 'T' of the word Sentry giving a stylish and clever logo design.


Jenny Lindop

Large or small, Digita treats all logo design with the same care and attention. Jenny Lindop is a bridal wear company based in Bangor (County Down) and the company needed to upgrade their existing identity as they were redeveloping their company website. We created a "signature" style logo with a new colour scheme to accentuate the superb quality of dresses and accessories that Jenny Lindop sells.


Lava Group

The Lava group is a technology based security systems company dealing in high-end security for corporate and governmental accounts. The brief was to create a strong dynamic logo that would be easily translated onto all key security system products whether paper, plastic or metal. We came up with a very simple but elegant 'V' shaped logo with a smart strapline to create a high-end design that suited their very demanding business sector.


McCrystal Furnishings

McCrystal Furnishings are a high-end furniture company that wanted a logo that created a feeling of luxury and separated them from the competition so we created the 'McCrystal Chair' image made up of symbols and a colour style that created a luscious and very individualistic logo concept.


McCalls Jewellers

McCalls Jewellers are a small company in Dungannon, the company itself produces the very highest of quality jewellery and wanted a logo style which gave them the feeling of a company that was much larger. The McCalls ring is made up of the two C's and the M of their name and all of their material is always on Black and Gold to give them that high end jewellery company feel.