Digita today

LAVA Monitoring

LAVA Monitoring emerged from a business buyout and the new directors wanted the LAVA brand to have the feeling of an established company as well as a truly state-of-the-art security monitoring company. We decided to create a look and feel that was very linear, in both appearance and in language, creating a feeling of total confidence with the company to its customers. LAVA Monitoring has gone from strength to strength over the last 2 years supported by a compelling brand image.


On Your Bike

North Down & Ards created an initiative called 'Bike Week' to extol the virtues of getting on your bike and getting fit. We created the overall brand identity and then rolled this out with a witty campaign of "On your Bike Bangor!" It created a real buzz around the whole of the county and helped deliver the Council's wish of getting people to see cycling as a great fitness activity.



Bellamianta produce luxury tanning products for the consumer to use at home and they wanted a big 'splash campaign' across all their social media channels and some traditional media to advertise their latest product (Rapid Mousse).

digita created a stunning visual campaign which highlighted the speed and convenience of their product along with an aspirational photographic image to accentuate the benefits of the product. digita's campaign was so successful that Bellamianta sold out of their product within days!


Wombat World

Wombat World is fast becoming the 'go to' company within the UK for fun and exciting gifts for all the family. digita created the overall brand image and corporate style and produced Womba tWorld's distinctive logo design.

The ethos of Wombat World is "Silly taken Seriously" and digita took this brand ethos to heart when creating all of Wombat's design elements. Wombat World goes from strength to strength and in no small part due to a great brand image created by digita.



Sentry is an award winning product by The Lava Group (Belfast) that electronically monitors the presence of a lifebuoy and throw rope within a lifebuoy enclosure. An alarm is triggered when a lifebuoy is removed from the enclosure thus helping reduce loss of life due to a stolen/absent lifebuoy. Digita designed this clever logo to give a feeling of a modern day army sentry watching continuously with the eye visor making the 'T' of the word Sentry giving a stylish and clever logo design.


Almac Rappidd

Almac needed a way of communicating a complex series of products and services that shortened the time it took to get a drug to market. We created the over arching brand of Rappidd that gave a corporate identity to these services and products. Almac could now communicate its core business strategy to its Pharma consumers under the new brand. This gave clarity of thought and message so enabling its business development consultants to explain to potential clients the benefits of these core services.